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Job Boards

Generate More Traffic

The first objective will be increasing visitors to your website.  Volcanic job boards rank highly when people are searching for jobs.  This means you’ll see a rise in candidate traffic as well as the overall commercial value of your domain.


Deliver More Candidates

Candidates find it easier to register and apply on our job boards.
We design with the user in mind so the application process is fast and mobile optimised and you don’t lose valuable traffic.


Enrich your Recruitment Business

Enjoy priority access. Your ownership of a job board grants you a certain privilege - speed.  You will have access to the best talent before anyone else.

Niche job boards provide a regular feed of highly relevant candidates into your recruitment operation, combined with the latest jobs.  You gain unparalleled insight into your sector. You become the sector experts.



It's how we approach things that really sets us apart.

The best job boards need to dominate a market and have a niche focus.  We’ve learnt that sectors and specialisms are important in achieving this.  So we work with you to design the user experience that delivers this thought leadership. 

This means you can carve out an advantage and attract more new visitors, but more importantly returning candidates.  By becoming a valued resource, your job board will grow quickly and sustain itself in the long term.