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Volcanic website platform is engineered for recruitment & recruitment agencies
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Recruitment Experts - Our expertise helps recruitment agencies of all sizes from multi - million PLCs to single specialist recruiters.


Design Specialists - Our design team demonstrate a real knowledge and passion for recruitment website design where branding and amazing user experience really matters.


Heritage - A team of over 16 staff with industry leading knowledge and expertise. We use world leading software that never ages. We lead the way in recruitment software and have been doing so for many years.


We’ve never lost a client, it’s not the promises we make, it’s the promises we keep that sets us apart.


Our team boast years of experience in their individual fields of recruitment technology and recruitment website design


International Experience - We have recently opened our first overseas office in Mexico City and plan to have an overseas presence in every continent in the next few years. Our understanding of the global recruitment market and our local experts can help recruiters of all sizes expand their offering into these local markets.



Volcanic platform has been engineered for recruitment agencies of every size.

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  • Venquis
  • Creativet Tax Recruitment
  • Principal People
  • Macildowie
  • Rize
  • Networkers PLC
  • Evergrad
  • Workmates
  • Firefly Resources
  • ForceSelect Group
  • GSA Techsource
  • Spectrum
  • Montash
  • Quest
  • RP International
  • Love Success PLC


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    Steve Thompson Joins the Volcanic Team!

    12.00 22 May 2015 by Joseph Crawford

    Volcanic welcomes another team member this week -  Steve Thompson, our new Website Designer/Front End Developer! Graduating in Creative Digital Media from Teeside University in 2011, Steve has worked across an impressive range of digital medium working for leading law firm Hamson Hughes. Now situated in our Liverpool Office, Steve has already been working on a multitude of client web designs - he's been busy from day 1 during Volcanic's e...

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    Design A Recruitment Website: Part I

    10.00 22 May 2015 by Joseph Crawford

    Volcanic has another new team member! Steven Thompson is our Design wiz, and will be working his magic on our unique platform. Maybe it’s the new brand of coffee we’re gulping down, but with Steven in the office we’re all of a buzz about what we offer the Recruitment industry. After exploring the role of website functionality in our post ‘Defining User Experience’, I’d like to start an investigation into what great Design looks like for a ...

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    Great Recruitment Content Marketing Examples - Part 2

    10.00 21 May 2015 by Joseph Crawford

    Outstanding Recruitment Content Marketing: Part II It’s been three weeks since we celebrated the last batch of outstanding content marketing pieces, which you can read here, so I thought I’d whet your appetite for another mouthful of crunchy genius. Rather than just point and shout about them though, I imagine you as a Recruiter are more interested in how you can apply the same thinking to your own marketing strategy. So, for each of...

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    The True Role of Social Media in Recruitment

    16.00 19 May 2015 by Joseph Crawford

    Using Social Media as an Incentive to Drive Website Traffic 68% of recruiters will make a decision about a candidate based on their social media engagement. In a digital world where stark personal information is encouraged, are social media channels helping or hindering the recruitment process? We’re all experiencing the ongoing ‘skills shortage’, and it appears most have fallen on the social medium as a resource for screening candidate...

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    The Biggest Advantages to Cloud-Based Recruitment Websites

    17.00 18 May 2015 by Joseph Crawford

    The Gathering Clouds When Google announce something new, I’m used to hearing the whole office stir with banter, but not this time. Reading up on Google’s big shift to Cloud here on Silicon Angle, I am surprisingly underwhelmed. Surprised, even, that it’s taken them this long to migrate. Our own platform here at Volcanic has always been Cloud-based, working through the most popular platform – Amazon Web Services. Google still has a lot o...

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    What Recruitment can learn from E-commerce

    16.00 13 May 2015 by Neil Pickstone

    Claim to be an Innovator? I often come across quotes from some of our best know technical innovators, for example the late Steve Jobs who once said - 'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.' But is it innovatative to take ideas proven in other fields and simply apply them to new areas? You may not have been the person who had the lightbulb moment, but I do believe that taking best practises from different fields, or p...


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