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Volcanic website platform is engineered for recruitment & recruitment agencies
We create recruitment websites that perform

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    Fully Mobile Ready straight out of the box, no need for apps.

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    Knowing the important things about your site lets you understand where to focus your efforts.

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    If you find a problem or need help simply raise the issue directly within your admin area.



Recruitment Experts - Our expertise helps recruitment agencies of all sizes from multi - million PLCs to single specialist recruiters.


Design Specialists - Our design team demonstrate a real knowledge and passion for recruitment website design where branding and amazing user experience really matters.


Heritage - A knowledgeable team with industry leading knowledge and expertise. We have developed our own world leading software that never ages. Join the team that is leading the way in recruitment websites  and their design.


We’ve never lost a client, it’s not the promises we make, it’s the promises we keep that sets us apart.


Our team boast years of experience in their individual fields of recruitment technology and recruitment website design.With offices in London, Manchester, Liverpool just in the UK. 


International Experience - We have recently opened our first overseas office in Mexico City and plan to have an overseas presence in every continent in the next few years. Find out how we can help recruiters of all sizes expand their offering into these local markets.



Volcanic platform has been engineered for recruitment agencies of every size.

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  • Venquis
  • Creativet Tax Recruitment
  • Principal People
  • Macildowie
  • Rize
  • Networkers PLC
  • Evergrad
  • Workmates
  • Firefly Resources
  • ForceSelect Group
  • GSA Techsource
  • Spectrum
  • Montash
  • Quest
  • RP International
  • Love Success PLC


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    Wilde Recruitment Goes live

    16.00 24 July 2015 by David Requena

    We are delighted to announce that Wilde Recruitment has chosen to use Volcanic to power their new recruitment website. Wilde has been working closely over many years with clients in engineering and construction sector and have gained an indepth understanding of the type and nature of projects that their clients undertake and the skills they need from their candidates. Their new site incorporates many new features that helps candidates i...

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    Recruitment for Technology Goes live

    16.00 23 July 2015 by Jesus Garcia Martin

    We are delighted to announce that Recruitment for Technology has chosen Volcanic to provide their Recruitment Website Design. The company has just launched their new recruitment website on our Platform. Established in 1997, Recruitment for Technology Ltd trading as The RFT Group is an Irish recruitment agency specialising exclusively in the recruitment of scientists, engineers and executives for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and me...

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    Mthree Alumni Goes Live

    18.00 22 July 2015 by David Requena

    The Mthree Alumini programme is an exciting way for recent graduates to break into the Financial Services industry in a range of ​interesting and challenging roles. We are delighted to have delivered their new website  

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    Intelletec goes live

    16.00 21 July 2015 by Jesus Garcia Martin

    We are delighted to announce that Intelletec has chosen Volcanic to provide their Recruitment Website Design. They are less than two years old however already they are a global-based recruitment consultancy, with a headquarters based in London, and have recently undergone expansion into the West Coast (Los Angeles). Their clients include some of those organisations which are really making a difference to the technology sector.

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    Exponential Growth - a thing of dreams

    12.00 21 July 2015 by Richard White

    Exponential growth is a phrase we here at Volcanic talk about a lot. It's Wikipedia definition is  'Exponential growth occurs when the growth rate of the value of a mathematical function is proportional to the function's current value' ignoring the mathematical phrasing, for a digital company like ours it's about how we grow at a fast rate and allow our customers to benefit from that growth at the same time. At the moment it's too soon to ...

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    Palm Mason Goes Live

    18.00 17 July 2015 by David Requena

    Partnering with the world’s leading organisations with a specific focus on the Financial Services and Airline sectors. Palm Mason has developed into a recognised brand and now has offices in six countries internationally serving clients across UK & Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia.  Volcanic are delighted to have launched today they're new website.


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