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Recruitment websites that naturally deliver candidates.

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More Traffic

Your new website will rank highly when people are searching for jobs. This means you’ll see a rise in visitors to your website.

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More Candidates

Candidates will find it easier to register and apply on your new website. The process is fast and mobile optimised.

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More Time

We integrate with your recruitment CRM and job posting software that will make your life easier and free up valuable time.

Trust us to Deliver

We only work in the recruitment sector, which means we are experts. We’ve built over 100 recruitment websites and job boards, so we know what it takes to get you over the line. 

Choosing us is easy

Choosing Volcanic to build a new website is an easy decision. We know the challenges you’ll face, so we work with you to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easily we can get you live.

Risk free

We are confident in our product so we don’t feel the need to charge any up-front fee. We don’t even tie you into a contract, just an affordable monthly fee covers everything.


Stay in control with real time project updates.

All inclusive pricing

Single monthly fee covers everything. No set-up charges or long contracts.

£450 / month

Ideal for recruiters looking to attract and convert more candidates

£1000 / month

Greater customisation, capability and efficency as standard

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Trusted by over 120 recruitment businesses in 8 countries.

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