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The recruitment industry is on a journey of digital transformation. In fact, by 2020, 30% of new revenue will be driven by digital transformation business models. With Volcanic's platform, you have the chance to stay ahead of the curve. How? Because we have a relentless focus on ensuring that with our technology your recruitment business can deliver the ultimate candidate, client and colleague experience.

We strive to help you deliver the best candidate experience.

We have always demonstrated a candidate-first approach to the design of our technology, no better demonstrated through our GDPR compliant candidate portals, which come as standard with every recruitment website.

This portal also includes critical integrations to enhance the candidate experience, such as time sheets, payroll, and our onboarding tool. 

We apply the same end-to-end visibility approach to your clients.

Our client portal offers a digital interface fully integrated with your client’s CRM, providing an enhanced experience through ATS and video capabilities.

Not only do you and your colleagues benefit from our technology removing inefficiencies in the recruitment process and significantly reducing the time from job posting to hire, we also bring you Big Data insights.

Our data insights provide you with the visibility of the UK labour market dynamics, such as supply and demand of jobs and candidates. This tool will keep you and your colleagues ahead of market trends, guide your business decisions, and maintain the focus on keeping your clients and candidates happy.