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Are you confident you comply with the GDPR’s strict data privacy terms? 

No matter how big or small your recruitment business, the terms of the GDPR apply to you

How does my website support my GDPR compliance?  

Download our guide that explains how to set up your Volcanic website to help you achieve your obligations under the GDPR. 

Download guide

What is the GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the result of four years of work to bring data protection legislation in line with new ways that data is used. 

Designed to unify privacy laws across Europe, the GDPR sets out to give individuals better data privacy rights. It places a greater degree of control over personal data in the hands of the individual.  

We have made it straightforward for our clients to exercise their data subject rights within the GDPR. 
These include:
- amending your data,
- making a Subject Access Request, or
- requesting the Right To Be Forgotten,
To exercise your rights as a data subject, visit your secure dashboard by clicking the link below. 


GDPR Awareness Training - a critical first step

The free Volcanic GDPR Awareness Training video willl help you start the journey towards compliance. The video will help make you aware of the terms and implications of the GDPR - and could help support your internal GDPR training for your team as well. The informative video sets out to help you on the road to your own staff awareness programme, so you don't risk breach through a simple lack of knowledge or misunderstanding.