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Why Volcanic?  

It might start with a job, but it’s all about people. That’s why Volcanic offers a stack more than just technology; collaboration, integration and market share together provides a data-driven solution to a very human industry.

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    People technology

    Accessible. Fast. Progessive

    Web solutions designed to deliver better traffic, candidates and risk management

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    Strategic collaboration

    Vital. Seamless. Transparent

    Curation of digital innovation to provide best practice solutions and tools.

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    Digital consolidation

    Relevant. Intrinsic. Simple

    Strong strategic partnerships to ensure better integration, collaboration and cooperation.

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    Market shares

    Scientific. Astute. Contextual

    Industry market share that provides unparalleled context and data-driven insights of the digital employment market.


Developer Console

Time and money - two things we really understand! Our Developer Console was launched with both in mind.

It allows you to integrate onto the Volcanic platform much more quickly and cost-effectively, reducing the time it takes to move providers and companies to deliver large-scale, multi-site projects from months to weeks.

Unique to Volcanic, the Developer Console is only one of our integration features that allows us to proactively deliver a level of service that is technically excellent, commercially focused and critically, transformational.

Self-service SEO

Volcanic’s SEO Console is designed to automate much of the time intensive quality checking required. Monitoring your key metrics that are important for SEO, the Console provide the tools to remedy any problems.

Our SEO tools include the ability to change the URL structure, so that the website follows a traditional job board setup and also includes Schema Markup as standard. This is the markup Google for Jobs uses, meaning your website will be compliant as standard.

From content to conversion, our self-service SEO capabilities will provide you with the health check reports, error fixes, keyword and location content management tools to make you the search authority of your chosen area of recruitment.  


Management Reports

Our built-in analytics give you an indepth view of your website’s performance.

Our performance reports show you graphs and visualisations so you can quickly understand how you are performing, identify strengths and weaknesses and critically, opportunities. Your website will show you what your candidates are searching for and where they are searching from. This will give you an insight to help business development activities and content curation.

Digital Eco-system

Our clients’ digital ecosystem is supported by our ability to integrate with clients’ CRMs to help with inbound lead generation, but equally we can embed a range of HTML codes to support clients’ analytics / marketing / or monitoring requirements. Indeed, our blog pages are AMP-enabled and we are Google for Jobs compliant.