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Recruitment Websites

Everything you need

We've packaged up everything you need to run your website and email marketing.

Get the job done with an easy to use dashboard where you can manage your content yourself.

Easily understand how many candidates are visiting your website and applying for your jobs. 


More Traffic

The Volcanic website platform has a core focus on providing a solid base for our clients to drive an increased level of traffic to their website.

There are some core ways in which our platform helps increase traffic to our clients websites;

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) control.

  • Best practice URL structures for SEO.

  • Mobile optimisation as standard (responsive).

  • Email marketing

  • Industry leading landing page features.

  • Social Media integration as standard

    Plus many more features... 


More Candidates

Our average clients website convert at over 10%, meaning for every 1000 visitors, we would expect 100 candidate registrations

Job Searches

The average Volcanic website has over 100,000 job searches per month on it, which ultimately means higher candidate conversion.



We are the most innovative recruitment specialist in the market,

  • We were the first to introduce Elastic Search.
  • We were first to provide a cloud based platform.
  • We were the first to introduce an App store to the recruitment market.

Today we are inventing the next generation of sites.  To give you an idea of how much innovation we do, we have released over 170 platform changes in the last year alone.