New Candidate Registrations

  • Shows a week by week flow of new candidate registration data.
  • Lets you monitor candidates who have registered but not applied.
  • LinkedIn registrations are shown against non-LinkedIn registrations.
  • Your marketing campaign effectiveness can be measured based on these results.

Website Visitor Traffic

  • Shows a week by week number of unique visitors to the site.

Organic Search Traffic

  • Shows the number of organic searches to your site.
  • View the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns.

Job Listings

  • View jobs which are listed on your website on a week by week basis.
  • Check the growth in number of jobs being added to your website.
  • Quickly review all jobs listed.

CRM Integrations/Apps

  • View which CRMs you have an integration with.
  • Shows you which CRMs have been 'enabled' from the App Store.
  • Shows the apps you have activated.

Device Usage

  • See which device your site is viewed on the most per week.

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