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Page templates should be named to concisely explain the layout so that selecting the template from the Admin area is easier.

For example: single_column_with_image.liquid, or double_column_with_blurb_no_image.liquid.

If a template is needed for a specific page or set of pages, it can be named appropriately, for example: contact_page_with_map.liquid.

Page templates must contain a lava elemtn with the reference 'blurb' or 'body' so that the contents can be used on other pages through the article.main_content variable.

If the template uses a lava_img tag, it should use the reference 'featured' so that article.primary_image can be used in other templates.

Variables available in page template files are article, parent_pages, sub_pages, and sibling_pages.

The parent_pages variable is an array of the articles ancestors. The sub_pages variable is an array of the articles child articles and the sibling_pages variable is an array of the articles siblings along with the article itself.

Discipline Articles

An article can be provided with the following discipline variables if the Article title is the same as a Discipline name or the article permalink is the same as a Discipline permalink: discipline, discipline_jobs, and discipline_jobs_pagination_html.

The discipline_jobs variable is an array of the Jobs which belong to the relevant Discipline. The discipline_jobs_pagination_html variable contains the HTML foe the pagination for the discipline_jobs.