Connecting linkedin


This template is intended to show the Job Search Form and list the current live Jobs.

The only template specific variables are jobs and the pagination_html for the jobs which can be used like this:

{% if jobs %}
  {% for job in jobs %}
    {% include 'looped_job' %}
  {% endfor %}
  {{ pagination_html }}
{% endif %}

The 'search' form tag needs to wrap the form input element including the search_select tag, for example:

{% form 'search' %}
  <label for="query">Job Title</label>
  <input class="search_query" name="search[query]" id='query' placeholder="Job Title or Keywords" type="text" value="{{ search.query }}">
  <label for="location">Location</label>
  <input name="search[location]" id='location' placeholder="Location" type="text" value="{{ search.location }}">
  <label for="query">Job type</label>
  {% search_select 'job_types' %}
  <label for="query">Disciplines</label>
  {% search_select 'disciplines' %}
  <input name="commit" type="submit" value="Find Jobs" class="submit">
{% endform %}