Connecting linkedin


This template displays a Blog post.

The blog variable for the relevant blog post is available directly in this template.

The copy for the blog post is created using a lava tag with the reference 'blog_body' so that this content can be used to generate the blog.description and blog.main_content in other templates.

The lava_img for the blog post must use the reference 'featured' so that it can be used as the blog.image on other pages, for example, the blog list page.


<h1>{{ blog.title | upcase }}</h1>
<small>{{ blog.publish_date | distance_of_time }} by {{ }}</small>
<div class="image">
  {% lava_img 'featured', '900x400>'  %}
{% lava 'blog_body' %}
{% if blog.tags != blank %}
  {% for tag in blog.tags %}
    <a href="{{ tag | tag_url }}">{{ | upcase }}</a>
  {% endfor %}
{% endif %}