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Bundle's specific liquid tags.

  • id - Bundle's database ID.
  • name - Bundle's name.
  • price - Bundle's price.
  • currency - Bundle's currency.
  • currency_symbol - Bundle's currency in symbol.
  • expiry_number - Number of {{ expiry_time_period }} 
  • expiry_time_period - Bundle's expiry time unit (Days/Months)
  • recurring - If the current Bundle recurs or not. True/False.
  • expiring - When the Bundle recurs, all unused credits are expired? True/False.
  • recurrence_forever - If the current Bundle recurs forever or not. True/False.
  • start_date - Bundle's start date.
  • end_date - Bundle's end date.
  • is_public - If the current Bundle is public or not. True/False.
    Note: If a Client purchases a public Bundle, a new copy of that Bundle will be created and linked to the specific Client. The public Bundle will remain live on the system.
  • bundle_items - The Revenue Items that make up the Bundle. A Bundle could have more than one bundle_item. Array of Revenue Items objects.
    • revenue_name- Type of revenue item.
      Note: Revenue Items can be "JobPosting", "CvDownload" or "FeaturedJobPosting"
    • quantity - Amount of credits of each type of Revenue Item
    • unlimited- If the credits of the current Revenue Item are unlimited or not. True/False.
  • description - Current Bundle's description with HTML.
  • clean_description - Current Bundle's description plain text.

How to use

{% for bundle in all_bundles %}
  <div class="col-md-4">
    <div class="bundle-item">
        <li>ID: {{ }}</li>
        <li>Name: {{ }}</li>
        <li>Price: {{ bundle.price }}</li>
        <li>Currency: {{ bundle.currency }}</li>
        <li>Expiry number: {{ bundle.expiry_number }}</li>
        <li>Expiry time: {{ bundle.expiry_time_period }}</li>
        <li>Recurring: {{ bundle.recurring }}</li>
        <li>Expiring: {{ bundle.expiring }}</li>
        <li>Recurrence Forever: {{ bundle.recurrence_forever }}</li>
        <li>Start_date: {{ bundle.start_date }}</li>
        <li>End date: {{ bundle.end_date }}</li>
        <li>Is public: {{ bundle.is_public }}</li>
        <li>Bundle items:
          {% for item in bundle.bundle_items %}
              <li>Item name:{{item.revenue_name}}</li>
          {% endfor %}
        <li>Description: {{ bundle.description }}</li>
        <li>Clean Description: {{ bundle.clean_description }}</li>                 
{% endfor %}