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Business strategy and IT strategy are now the same thing

You’ve taken the next step towards driving your recruitment business’ digital transformation. We look forward to working in partnership to take you to the next level.

With powerful configuration along with a state-of-the-art recruitment website builder and full integration capabilities, we are here to help your business grow.

To be able to have access to the best tech in the industry with no upfront fee meant that Volcanic was the supplier of choice.

Tricia Bullman - Managing Director, Halecroft Recruitment

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We have a relentless focus on ensuring that through digital transformation you can deliver the ultimate client and candidate experience.

We have always demonstrated a candidate-first approach to the design of our technology, no better demonstrated than through our candidate portals in response to the GDPR. This portal has been further developed to include critical integrations, such as time sheets and payroll. 

We have now taken this same end-to-end visibility approach and have applied it to your clients. Our client portal offers a digital interface fully integrated with your client’s CRM, providing an enhanced experience through ATS and video capabilities. ​

Keeping your business up to date

Our platform technology is continually updated to keep your business relevant and secure.

On top of this, we also keep you updated with regular news, eBooks and blog posts, sharing our knowledge of the latest trends and topics within the recruitment industry.