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Yu:Talent Integration 

  • We support integrations with Yu:Talent through our Developer console and also through our API
  • Our Developer console also allows us to post candidate data to on registration, profile update and job application.

About Yu:Talent

Yu:Talent’s main aim is to create a CRM system that consultants will love. Through developing a simple core system with optional plugins and addons, it allows the system to be tailored to the recruiters needs quickly and easily. Their main aim is to make their CRM to work like a smartphone where you only need to add the apps you need.

With the Yu:Talent integration you can:

  • Post, track and search applications

  • Social sourcing via social media

  • Contact management

  • Team interaction

  • ​Cloud based system

Contact Details

Visit their website at

Hong Kong: +852 8199 0722

United Kingdom: +44 20 8817 5279

To learn more about Yu:Talent and Volcanic