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Voyager CRM Integration 

  • We support integrations with Voyager through our Developer console.
  • Our Developer console also allows us to post candidate data to on registration, profile update and job application.

About Voyager

A true end-to-end recruitment solution, Voyager is one of our most valued integrations. Headquartered in the UK with a presence in over 20 countries, the Voyager Infinity, Voyager Commercial, and Voyager VDQ! products have saved thousands of Front-Office hours across the globe.

Fellow innovators (and SaaS advocates), our integration with Voyager can add value to your own business without complication.

Some Features of Voyager

  • CV Builder - build CVs from the database automatically

  • Exchange Server Integration - Real-time 2-way synchronisation (inc smartphones)

  • Reporting - Comprehensive report suite (report designer available)

  • Full pay & bill capability with Voyager Mid-Office - Powerful financial reporting at your fingertips

Contact Details

Visit their website at

UK Phone: 01256 845 000


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