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RDB Pronet Integration

  • We support integrations with RDB through our Developer console.
  • Our Developer console also allows us to post candidate data to on registration, profile update and job application.
  • We can also email candidates directly into RDB and have candidate data parsed into the CRM.

About RDB Pronet

With over fifty years’ experience, RDB ProNet from First Choice Software is one of our most coveted CRM providers to integrate with, both for depth of service and for cost-effectiveness. Written in Visual C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework, ProNet is still the only fully compliant dot NET, desktop recruitment CRM readily available in the UK over five years after its launch.

Some of RDB ProNet Features

  • INCREDIBLY STABLE AND RELIABLE - Keep downtime to a minimum and spend more time making money.

  • CUSTOMISABLE INTERFACE - Set up your Application with the Navigation you need most prominent on your screen.

  • INNOVATIVE MAIN INDEX - Allows you to see all your applicants, contacts and candidates and perform all commonly required functions all in one place.

Contact Details

Visit their website at:

SALES: +44 (0)1256 314 600

CLIENT SERVICES: +44 (0)1256 314 603

SUPPORT: +44 (0)1256 314 602