Connecting linkedin

Microdec Profile

The integration between Volcanic and Microdec Profile supports jobs and candidates.

Job Integration

  • Option 1: If you are using a job multi-poster, such as Broadbean, Idibu or Logic Melon then jobs will be posted to your Volcanic website directly when they are posted.
  • Option 2: If you are not using a job multi-poster then Microdec  can post jobs to Volcanic directly using the Volcanic API

Candidate Integration

  • Applications - When candidates apply for jobs on your Volcanic website the candidates info + CV will be sent back to the multi-poster.  This provides 3 benefits:
    • You can see the effectivness of your channels.  Understand how you website performs against job boards.
    • You can review your candidates before choosing to save them into Microdec Profile
    • Your data flow is simplified, as all candidate will follow the same process.
  • Registrations - Candidates can register on your Volcanic website without applying for a job.  In this instance an email with all the candidates details is sent (usually to a shared mailbox).

If you are not using a job multi-poster then you can receive your applications via email.  This is configured within the Notification Center within your Volcanic admin area.

About Microdec Profile

With offices in the UK and Australia, Microdec are one of our most experienced CRMs in Cloud-based technology. They have the perfect solution for recruiters of all sizes, from start-up businesses to multi-nationals, temps to executive search: Microdec are reliable, fast, and a well-respected name in the recruitment industry.

Like all of our CRMs, Microdec is easily integrated into the Volcanic platform giving you even more options for data building/job posting.

Some Features of Microdec:

  • Multi-level organisation/Opportunity/Vacancy/Candidate/Contact & Source database

  • To-do-list & SMARTfeeds to drive your day

  • Advanced Searching & matching plus auto matching & distance searching

  • Automatic career history recording

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