How Long Does it Take?


On average, we take around 12-16 weeks on a standard build.

You can now monitor your site build progress as it happens with real-time project updates

Initiation Phase

  1. Sign Contract
  2. Send GoCardless Details by email
  3. Setup GoCardless
  4. Project Plan & key points of contact
  5. Kick off meeting

Integrations Phase

  1. Request Job posting via Broadbean/Idibu/Logic Melon.
  2. Request CRM Integration with approved CRM.
  3. Sign Job Posting integration contract (if applies)  - Customer Sign-off Required.
  4. Test jobs are being posted successfully.
  5. Test candidate registration into CRM.
  6. Test candidate applications into CRM.
  7. Test CV upload into CRM.
  8. Customer to confirm all integrations are working OK - Customer Sign-off Required
  9. Custom CRM Integration

Design Phase

  1. Provide Design Brief document
  2. Provide Sitemap
  3. Complete Design brief document.
  4. Design Brief Meeting.
  5. Homepage Design.
  6. Extended Design Package.
  7. Design Sign-off - Customer Sign-off Required
  8. Brand Guidelines.

Training & Setup Phase

  1. Setup site on Volcanic platform.
  2. Setup LinkedIn application.
  3. Training Session.
  4. Setup registration questions.
  5. Setup notifications.
  6. Setup job alert emails.
  7. Content loading via CMS.
  8. Populate site with blogs -Customer Action
  9. Populate site with jobs - Customer Action

SEO Preservation 

  1. Analyse existing SEO performance.
  2. Setup job title landing pages.
  3. Setup the first 20 redirects.

Build Phase

  1. Candidate dashboard, job search & job page.
  2. Build homepage.
  3. Login, register & forgot password pages.
  4. Contact page, about us & disciplines page.

Testing & Go-live

  1. Test full site in Chrome, Safari & Firefox.
  2. Test full site in IE10 & IE11.
  3. Test full site in mobile (responsive version).
  4. Pre-go-live sign off - Customer Sign-off Required.
  5. Pre-go-live checklist.
  6. Setup SSL certificate.
  7. Update DNS records (actual go-live).

In Summary: 

  • Your new site can be live in under 16 weeks
  • The process usually takes 12-16 weeks
  • We guide you through each step to make it as easy as possible.