Content Management System


Creating new opportunity for all recruitment agencies

The Volcanic platform helps recruitment agencies to grow their business through continually updated technology in an accessible software-as-a-service model. Built on the four cornerstones of the Volcanic business, our content management system (CMS) powers your recruitment website, and provides the tools that can help you:

Increase revenue
  • Benefit from fast and user-friendly technology that offers unrivalled speed to help you get your website up and running fast.

  • Our platform is completely configurable, putting your site's performance into your hands. You have control of content, automation, SEO, languages, pages, reporting, integration, emails, user access, configurable candidate experience, forms, workflow-based application forms and marketing to suit its business needs.

Increase opportunity
  • Features are continually updated, allowing all recruiters to compete using best-in-breed technology. No legacy systems mean no expensive system upgrades, no integration issues and no downtime, making sure your website continually performs.

  • The state-of-the-art data reporting and analytics make it simple to identify, measure and improve the success of your business against your KPIs.

Reduce risk
  • Our ISO 27001 certified business and GDPR-compliant technology protect your data and reduce your business risk. We continually deliver new technology to ensure your website remains best-in-breed, with no legacy, compliance or security issues.

Reduce cost
  • No upfront investment, no contract tie-in and a simple monthly fee. This subscription based model simplifies your financial planning, and includes all design and build, as well as ongoing hosting, support, platform upgrades and integration.

Our CMS Features include:

Job and application management

Easily create and manage jobs that display on your website and are also fully compatible with Google For Jobs through structured data. Jobs can be added directly or fed through via your CRM or multi poster software.

Similarly you can manage your applications and view profiles of candidates that have been configured and consented to in the Candidate Portal. All applications can be fed directly into your CRM or ATS.

User journey control

Tag management functionality ensures a customised user experience, presenting relevant pages, blogs, events and more at key candidate and client touch points.

Automated communication

Notification emails and job alerts can all be configured to automatically send to both candidates and clients at various points in their lifecycle.


Our GDPR compliance area is just one example of how we safeguard your business. From consent to audited reports, our CMS keeps you commercially focused and critically, compliant.

Market insight reporting

This tool provides an in-depth picture of the UK labour market dynamics, which can guide your business decisions to support your growth.

​And much, much more!

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