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Case Studies

Volcanic have worked with a variety of recruitment companies to deliver better results. We help build website that not only look great but which deliver results such as better SEO, great design and candidate attraction. With lots of embedded tools, reports our product is the best in it's class globally. Here we offer insight into some of our customers and the results we have provided for them. The customers range in size from small niche recruitment companies, middle range companies to large agencies and we provide services to the whole industry. We can provide insight across the whole uk and global recruitment sector, we are able to see trends and measure effectiveness. This insight helps us to advise our customers on the best approach to their marketing activities. We regularly review the performance of our customers and work constantly to improve and monitor each site to look at ways to improve the overall platform and the benefits to our customers.

Read more about how we have helped or if you want specific information about our product and services then why not get in contact with us.