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Recruiters - there's still time to enter the MARAs

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With a day to go until the MARAs close tonight, it's still not too late to enter

Don’t worry - you don’t have to be a great writer to create a winning award entry. Following a formula will help you keep it clear and concise - and winning an award will really put you on the map.

With the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards offering free entry, a wide choice of categories to cover all options, and the chance to join the industry's leading lights at an awards ceremony at the prestigious Hilton London Bankside Hotel, there's no reason not to go for it.


Wait, what - write an award entry IN A DAY?

Help is at hand. Download the free Volcanic guide on How to Win a Recruitment Award and you're ready to go.

Here are six quick tips for award entry success:

  • Read the instructions: don’t get bored and skip over this - the judges will notice!

  • Start as you mean to go on: best bits first

  • Keep it simple: judging panels have a lot of award entries to get through

  • Stick to the facts and always back them up with quantifiable evidence

  • Break things up: make it a 

  • Answer the question - and don’t even think about copying and pasting brochure copy.

And download our guide. Good luck!

Click here to enter the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards.

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