Recruitment Website Design Template (UPDATED)

It used to be, that creating a recruitment website from a template meant that everybody would end up with the same design or look and feel. It was almost as if the creative design needed to stand out from the crowd was lost in the pixel perfect image sizes needed or the squashed or stretched affect caused by the template.

Volcanic's platform is so powerful that if you want a design that is unqiue or you want to start from a template then the system will accommodate it. Also at any stage you can change the design look and feel just by selecting a new design and immediately the system will change.

The platform is designed to allow you to quickly change designs or even run one side by side to allow for multivariate testing.

At Volcanic, we understand the importance of beautiful, rich design, but we always ensure our websites are data-driven. We understand that candidates and clients need three particular things from their websites: 

  • A mobile-led user experience;

  • A seamless user journey across all channels;

  • The easiest, quickest path conceivable to reach their goals.

We also understand the importance of asking for help, but those who achieve big things are the ones who accept it when it's offered. With our recruitment website design template we can offer that help, you only need to accept it. 

This blog was updated in April to be relevant for 2018.