Recruitment Website Template Free Download (UPDATED)

In an ideal world they'd be a number of free template's available to build your recruitment website. At Volcanic however, we're confident that these wouldn't offer the functionality needed for an effective and GDPR-complient recruitment website

Many recruitment websites have and will be designed by people or organisations that aren’t conversant with the recruitment industry or it’s not their speciality. A site may have the ‘wow’ factor, the look and feel could be great but it’s potentially going to do very little if anything to move your business forward. It needs to be functional. 

Using free templates also means that your website won't be using search engine optimized code.

Here at Volcanic our recruitment and staffing websites generate better candidate conversion and growth. With no upfront costs, 30-day contracts and a simple monthly fee isn't it time you contacted us for a demo?

This blog was updated in March 2018.