Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone 31 March 2018

Build A Recruitment Website Free (UPDATED)

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you thought to yourself that it can't be that hard to have a go at building your own recruitment website?

The internet is a wealth of information and with free access to videos, how-to's and ebooks it can be tempting to try to utilise these to save money. You would typically be using a template to create the site, and this has a number of disadvantages, including being difficult to navigate and looking exactly the same as thousands of other sites.

But before you jump on to Google: ask yourself a question. If I required a new IT solution or were developing a marketing or sales strategy/plan, would I do this myself? Do I have the necessary skills and core competencies to be able to do this? You may. But many don't. In which case you'd either use specialists within your company or engage a reputable and specialist consultancy to work with you. 

Many recruitment websites have and will be designed by people or organisations that aren’t conversant with the recruitment industry or it’s not their speciality A site may have the ‘wow’ factor, the look and feel could be great but it’s potentially going to do very little if anything to move your business forward. It needs to be functional. At Volcanic, we always use data-driven design when creating websbites. This involves focusing on 3 principles: mobile, UX and performance.

Here at Volcanic, our recruitment and staffing websites and job boards generate better candidate conversion and growth. With no upfront costs, 30-day contracts and a simple monthly fee isn't it time you gave us a call?

Updated in March 2018.


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