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Recruitment Agency Website Design (UPDATED JANUARY 2019)

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Getting your recruitment agency website design right is vital to attracting the right candidates and clients. 

In considering your recruitment website design you should put together a mix of functionality and style. Consider your content and remember jobs are content to. Many recruitment agencies sites tend to focus on their own achievement and their own capabilities, instead look at putting together a strategy which appeals to your target audience. 

Each Volcanic project is designed exclusively for our clients. Most importantly, we take a data-driven design approach, through an in-depth analysis of client and candidate behaviour and engagement to ensure that we make smart design decisions as well as creative ones.

When designing consider how your site will age, you don't want to go to the trouble of designing a site today that will look dated in a few months, so stick with classic designs that won't go out of fashion.

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This blog was updated in January 2019.




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