GDPR Awareness Training - a critical first step

The free Volcanic GDPR Awareness Training video will help you start the journey towards compliance.

The first in a series of three videos, our GDPR Awareness Training video will help make you aware of the terms and implications of the GDPR - and could help support your internal GDPR training for your team as well.

This informative video sets out to help you on the road to your own staff awareness programme, so you don’t risk breach through a simple lack of knowledge or misunderstanding.

We outline the critical roles defined by the GDPR and what these mean for recruitment, as well as the key principles of the GDPR and their application.

In a nutshell, the top things you need to consider in the context of the GDPR are:

  • Data security - prove that you’re storing data securely and are maintaining that security

  • Data breach - identifying and reporting

  • Individual rights - you need to be able to prove that you

    • Have consent to have and use an individual’s data

    • Can support an individual’s right to withdraw consent

    • Can respond to a Subject Access Request (SAR)

    • Will allow the individual to modify their data

    • Support the right to be forgotten (RTBF)

    • Be able to let the individual provide their data to other companies (data portability) 

  • Audit - prove that you comply with the GDPR and regularly check compliance

  • Prove that your suppliers comply with the GDPR

  • Ensure your staff understand and are trained in the GDPR.

We have developed a wealth of material to support your GDPR journey. Watch our free GDPR Awareness Training video to set you on your way.