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Onrec award shortlisting for sales director Darren Curtis

Darren Award Shortlist Onrec

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Our award-winning season continues with Sales Director Darren Curtis’ shortlisting as Personality of the Year in the Onrec Awards 2018


A very popular figure in the industry, Darren has been a key driver of Volcanic's monumental growth since he joined the company two years ago.  


His expertise is valued both within Volcanic and the wider recruitment industry and his long experience, depth of technical knowledge and pragmatic overview of recruitment KPIs provide him with a rare skill set and a unique talent.


Darren said: "I'm delighted, if not somewhat embarrassed, to have been shortlisted for the prestigious onrec awards that mark the professionalism of the on-line recruitment sector. I'm very much looking forward to the awards ceremony and to celebrating the achievements of the industry as a whole."


Neil Pickstone, co-founder, Volcanic added: “This award reinforces the whole Volcanic employer brand proposition. We typically look for talented individuals who are highly motivated self-starters with a great attitude. We identify a person’s strengths and let them flourish in a role that suits them, rather than shoehorn a person into a role that doesn’t match their skills or, critically, their aspirations.


“Darren is a perfect ambassador for the Volcanic brand and we’re delighted for his success in these major industry awards.”


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