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The Barton Partnership go live!

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We are delighted to announce the new website launch of The Barton Partnership. Their clean, slick looking design is a real eye-catcher and really draws your attention. 

The Barton Partnership have recently launched in New York and Volcanic used this to work hand in hand with their London office. They have a wide range of clients where they have placed candidates and have built up an established reputation in the industry over the years. 

They specialise in the following sectors: 

  • Commerce & Industry
  • Financial Services 
  • Private Equity 
  • Professional Services 

This is a website we are all extremely proud of and really enjoyed working on. The design aspects are certainly different to most which in turn makes the site stand out so much. 

A huge thank-you to everyone at The Barton Partnership for choosing Volcanic and we look forward to continuing our on-going relationship. 

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