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[Feature Update] Multilingual XML Sitemap, Unsubscribe for all Notifications


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This week we are pleased to announce the release of 2 feature updates to the Volcanic platform.

Update 1: Multilingual XML Sitemap

In the first part of our update, we’ve improved the SEO capabilities for our customers who are using multilingual websites.

Now you are able to publish your XML sitemap in the different languages which you support on the website: 

  • XML Sitemaps are crawled by Google so that they can display your websites pages in their index easier
  • Most web systems only publish in english, so internationally this will give you an edge

This should help you to index websites faster on different search engines (such as, etc)

Update 2: Unsubscribe from Email

We have added a minor update to the automated emails which the system sends out. All emails sent from your website will have an 'unsubscribe from email' link located at the bottom. This links directly to the candidates own dashboard. Once the candidate presses the 'unsubscribe' link, it instantly changes the settings on the Candidate Dashboard so that they are opted out.

Candidates will still be able to re-subscribe from their dashboard should they wish to receive emails in the future.

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