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Does your recruitment design agency tick all the boxes?

about 2 years ago by Neil Pickstone


We were lucky enough recently to have been reviewed by an independant assessment body responsible for recommending digital companies that provide website solutions. The findings were very interesting so we thought we'd share their selection criteria and how we address these questions.

IT Security Environment

Q. Without doubt, this is the most important area of evaluation because of the reputational risk and ICO (Information Commissioners Office) penalties for data breaches. Buyers also want clear evidence that robust IT security and data protection policies are in place.

A. We at Volcanic take security seriously, we have policies, protection and testing in place to ensure no vulnerabilities are introduced and that our clients data is secure. 


Q. This is probably the next most important area of evaluation, as systems need to be intuitive and easy to use for both clients and candidates. Buyers like to see evidence of service/ product  innovation and “future-proofing” by suppliers and a culture of ongoing improvement in their systems and functionality

A. Volcanic are proud of our innovation and have a programme of work that introduces new features and ongoing improvements. We have introduced over 80 improvements and changes in the last year alone.


Q. Clients will generally want systems that can easily be branded, so it is consistent and in-line with both employer and corporate branding and which sends the right messages to potential candidates, they also want to see continued improved that stops their website from aging to quickly.

A. Volcanic's branding experience having worked with some of the largest brands in Europe allows us to understand the needs of branding by clients. Our pricing options allow customers to select a solution that allows the website design to be continually modified and improved.


Q. Buyers generally do not like to be guinea pigs for new systems, so will be looking at the experience and reputation of suppliers and wanting to see evidence of successful delivery to other relevant clients.

A. Volcanic have delievered hundreds of recruitment websites and we believe we are now the UK's leading provider of recruitment agency websites and fast becoming a well established global brand. We provide references from long standing customers, new customers and customers who are in the process of delivery.


Q. Buyers will want to fully understand how the supplier will support both the implementation process and then ongoing business as usual requirements.  There can often be a lack of support offered for Software as a Service solutions.

A. With a management team grounded in delivery and support, it no surprise that Volcanic have one of the best delivery and support solutions. We are currently finalising our ISO 9001 accreditation and have a support ticket system any supplier can be proud of with metrics to support our claims.


Q. Buyers will want full cost transparency around any development and implementation costs and then ongoing licence fees and termination costs (if any).

A. Volcanic's transparent pricing model has been changing the way customers pay for their recruitment websites, there's no long term contracts, no termination fee's. It's our job to keep customers content and satisfied with their results.

Financial Security

Q. Buyers will want to ensure that any company they employ is financial stable, safe and well run. 

A. Volcanic is financially sound, privately owned and has an Experian credit rating of 81* (* August 2015) together with an acid ratio of 3.53 making us amongst the most stable in our sector, which is something we are proud of.