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Why you can't afford to use Wordpress?

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Wordpress powers over 23% of the worlds websites (January 2015) thats an amazing 10 million website - quite an amazing statistic so you would think that it has proven capability, is robust and would meet the needs of every business but you'd be wrong.

The dangers with using wordpress is security and in recruitment that actually means personal data which is subject the the provision of the Data Protection Act.  The big problem with secuirty on wordpress is that their currently list to thw world a total of 194 security vunerabilities for wordpress a list of the mains ones are recorded by cveddatils on the following link.

So what are the risks for recruiters

- Wordpress is designed for blogging but has lots of plugins that make it do other things like job posting or search.

- The problems with plugins are that they can go out of date, be no longer supported or in the worst instances be insecure

- Without support a wordpress site can very quickly age and without a full time company checking the vunerabilities then it can be a real risk 

Whilst I like the way that wordpress has allowed more people to launch their own website quickly and easily, my view is that recruiters who need to record and store details should either use a professional monitored wordpress service or avoid.  

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