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Social Search Liam Neeson Style

Social Recruitment

The team in the office have been to the cinema this week to watch Taken 3, which reminded me of the quote from Taken 1 where the main Character played by Liam Neeson (Bryan) has a conversation with the Bad Guy about his skills, 

It got me thinking that the same skills that Liam Neeson uses, are used everyday by recruiters looking for Candidates and Clients: -

  • I don't know who you are. (But I have LinkedIn and could reasearch you, your collegaues and you're skills)
  • I don't know what you want. (but I can read Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and get an idea about what you like to do, your family , friends and colleagues)
  • I will find you, (and approach you via Linkedin or Social Networks, Email or Mobile)


  • I will hire you. (Hire you, find you a Candidate and keep going until I earn a fee)

Do you have any movies scenes that relate to recruitment?

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