Startup Recruiting Firms

2015 is expected to see a growth in the number of recruitment companies and therefore start up websites.

I attended the global leaders connect event in 2014 in London and recall one of the speakers talking about what was needed to start a recruitment company, the main elements were: -

  • A Phone
  • A piece of paper 
  • A Thick Skin and a lot of patience.

I wasn't convimced about that being the minimum needed in 2015 to start a recruitment business so here's my take on what is needed: -

  • A phone - but consider using a VOIP phone so that even if you are busy the phone is still recording calls and allowing you to view activity
  • A CRM system with all the calls you are going to make a way of keeping trach and details is sensible but you'd be amazed how cheap you can get one for
  • Tablet - tablets are far more flexible than a laptop
  • A Social presence - Don't forget to set-up up your new companies social profiles
  • A website - Again if you don't have a website you're missing a credability aspect.
  • Gmail Account - will handle all your office elements and email

In a connected world it's difficult to share paper so instead build a paperless office.