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Recruitment Website Design Inspiration [UPDATED JANUARY 2019]


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We here at Volcanic are looking for recruitment website design inspiration from every site we visit as inspiration can come from many different sources for example the speed of of sites are inspired by Amazon who's teams spent months perfecting techniques to improve both scalability and the response times.

We divide our inspiration in technical, user experience and visual design: -


Technical Inspiration

When someone visits your site, first impression count a lot, design and branding plays a part but think about those great sites you've visited that just don't work and you can appreciate why getting the technical elements of a recruitment website are so important. Speed is essential, especially if people are using their mobile devices the last thing users we do is wait for the site to load. Amazon and other large sites pay attention to this and they also inspire us to do the same.

User Experience

It's easy to ignore your target users experience, does the site let users find and engage with you quickly and easily? Once you make a decision using a site to do something can you be easily distracted? When thinking about user experience try to consider the different users of the site and look at ways in which you can make it easier to use. For example if a user wants to apply for  job you should help them focus on that activity, remove any distracting content or even open a modal window which greys out all other elements and gives the user focus. We get our inspiration for this again from Amazon who once you decide to purchase only allows you to complete or cancel that order (all search facilities are removed). Beauty for an online brand is about return on investment, whether its the front end or the back end. Exterior design is critical in creating a website that generates leads, as is platform, UX and performance, all of which need to be given equal importance heading forward.

Visual Design

This is probably the most varied of all the recruitment website design inspiration elements. A recruitment agencies branding is often the starting point of the design process however we get our inspiration for design from many different types of website. Fashion websites such ASOS or Vogue show design strengths and use visuals to drive engagement. The BBC and other news websites use news content to provide in-depth content to users, Google has perfected the single search capability and this also drives design inspiration.

The inspiration for a recruitment website's design can come from many sources, and as technology improves with the use of more modern browsers capabilities such as parrellex scroll also has and influence in the way a site looks and we are now starting to look at behaviours being part of design.

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