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Recruitment SEO wanted Dead or Alive

about 3 years ago by Neil Pickstone


I thought SEO was dead - well that 's what I read but I also read that SEO is very much alive. 

The reality is that SEO is still required but not the dark art of filling the site with keywords or linking from hundreds of sites worldwide. The search engines like Google are looking for recruitment websites which have been given the love and that are fully finished. 

They want recruitment websites that have regular content added and that the content is relevant to what that recruiter does, for example if your agency specialises in IT, they want your website to have content like IT jobs, articles about IT, maybe case studies and certainly blogs but guess what, your customers want the same, they want to see that you talk about your specialism, they want to see that you have jobs, candidates and that you care, this content  should all be incorporated into any basic website, if it isn’t, fire those people responsible.

So SEO is both Dead and Alive, the shortcuts are dead (black hat techniques i.e. raming keywords or lots of backlinks) but SEO is alive but it must revolve around