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Recruitment websites - are they boring, dysfunctional and lacking passion?

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Another Boring Recruitment Website!

Be honest, how often have you thought or heard that (recruitment) websites are old school, lack passion and are boring and dysfunctional? You may ask yourself, if I were visiting our site, why would I want to waste time looking through pages of content that I can see on every other site? It's hardly inspirational is it? What’s it doing for me or for my Company?

Therefore, why would I want a new site? It'll just be more of the same as well as being another extra cost and unecessary over-head. At the end of it, all I'll get is just another boring website. I can't afford it and don't need it.

It really doesn’t have to be like this.

Ask yourself a question. If I required a new IT solution or were developing a marketing or sales strategy/plan, would I do this myself? Do I have the necessary skills and core competencies to be able to do this? You may. But many don't. In which case you'd either use specialists within your company or engage a reputable and specialist consultancy to work with you. 

Designing and developing an effective and functional recruitment website with an effective marketing strategy and content plan is no different.

A review of your current website will probably include the following questions:

  • Is the website engaging?
  • What draw’s visitors to the site and why?
  • Are the calls to action relevant?
  • Do they exist, even?
  • But the site was out of date shortly after it was launched?
  • What's been and what will the benefits to my business be?
  • Why were there so many ‘hidden’ and unexpected costs?
  • I'd really like to my website to be an asset that helps to grow my business,
  • What can I do?

and, and, and ………………..

Many recruitment websites’ have and will be designed by people or organisations that aren’t conversant with the recruitment industry or it’s not their speciality A site may have the ‘wow’ factor, the look and feel could be great but it’s potentially going to do very little if anything to move your business forward. It needs to be functional.