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Recruitment Agency Wordpress Website Template

about 4 years ago by Rebecca Benson


Be honest with yourself, how many times have you thought to yourself that it can't be that difficult to have a go at building your own recruitment website?

At Volcanic we reject the WordPress website template and here's why-

1. Templates are not desinged to further your particular brand, so while you may find one that is similar to your current look, it won't match exactly.

2. WordPress is not built for high-performance, and adding plugins can slow down things even more. They can make it easy to add funtionalitu, but each plugin comes at a performance price. 

3. WordPress is not a full-featured CMS, it won't keep you from introducing bad code, it doesn't do workflow management nor does it track user roles. 

Here at Volcanic our recruitment and staffing websites and job boards generate better candidate conversion and growth. With no upfront costs, 30-day contracts and a simple monthly fee isn't it time you gave us a call?