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Top Recruitment Websites [Updated January 2019]

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We design and build recruitment websites that power digital marketing activity.  They are delivered through our proprietary publishing platform which is continually developed around the needs of recruiters. 

The Volcanic platform offers a framework and tools to get 1st page rankings on Google as well as automated content broadcasting to hundreds of other sites.  Automating your marketing activities allows for faster growth and more activity with less effort.

We produce top recruitment websites. This is why:

1. We design our customers' websites internally. They are fully optimised for mobile and utilise our expert industry knowledge to increase conversion.

2. We continually improve the platform and roll out updates to all our customers simultaneously. Our CMS is enterprise level for all service tiers.

3. Our developer console enables recruitment agencies to launch a website that seamlessly connects with internal software; CRM, ATS and other apps. 

4. We offer unparalleled levels of customer support through our CMS, knowledge hub, email and phone. This is all at no extra cost to our customers.

5. Our candidate-first approach to data control ensures that your success will be never be compromised. Our level of security and compliance are unprecedented.

With no upfront costs and a 30-day contract with a simple monthly fee isn't it about time you booked a demo?

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