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Recruitment is changing – Part 1

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There’s a lot of discussion about how recruitment is changing, recently Volcanic (a Digital Agency, Manchester) has been involved in developing a system that helps recruiters take advantage of these changes and encourages them to create their own advanced talent pool to help find and contact potential candidates who are more passive than active.

We were recently commissioned to undertake some research into how the recruitment industry will change going forward. Our results showed that more of the talent acquisition and analysis will be undertaken either companies themselves in-house (by HR staff using power tools like LinkedIn) or through an outsourced  managed service at a lower fee. Only a very small amount of talent will be acquired using recruitment companies and it will be those companies who have a very advanced talent pool system that will find passive candidates with the right skills and experience to fill the roles

Big Data – In Recruitment

With the changes in social behavior and data recording, once a candidate has been identified it is becoming easier to track that talent either by monitoring their profiles, adding their social presence and collating this data into a talent pool system. This concept is about ‘Big Data’, basically by having lots of data about candidates, their influence, activity and area of expertise. We can even add capability and psychometric testing into the data to get even better candidate views, If we then cross match the candidate data with the capabilities required from a role the candidate match will be better.

However it doesn’t end there as you add what the traits of what makes a successful candidate, we can further fine tune candidates and encourage development of candidates that do not quite fit.

The New Talent Pool

Recruitment Agencies, and HR departments should consider having a talent pool that: -

    • Builds a ‘Big Data’ Talent Pool
    • Allows for Mobile Job Applications
    • Incorporates LinkedIn Integration
    • Maps Social Profiles (other than LinkedIn) into the system
    • Has advanced analytic tools
    • Continues to map role capabilities to candidates
    • Establishes what a top performer looks like

Volcanic have started to harness this power and have a number of clients that have seen the light – Have you?

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