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Develop & Protect your ‘Employer Branding’

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As the rise of social continues then as a company you should consider what your company or Employer Branding should say on your social profiles. LinkedIn recently improved the company overview section to allow businesses and employers to better demonstrate to their customers, suppliers, potential new candidates what there company is about.

Here’s a few tips to consider when looking at your employer branding: -

  • Develop an Employer Brand Guidelines - that details the look & Feel or your brand, ensure that the tone of content reflects the company.
  • Update all appropriate Social Profiles – Ensure there is a consistency to your employer brand across all the different social profiles.
  • Consider providing Employer Brand Immersion days - so that your employees know what to do and what not to do when referring to their place of employment
  • Amend Key Staff Social Profiles to reflect their role within the business and help guide viewers by telling them how to contact the company.
  • Consider producing a Employer Brand Video or even a series of videos that capture the essence of what your business is about.

Once a employer brand has been produced, consider monitoring peoples comments: -

  • Monitor employer review sites, such as to see how your employees view your business
  • Listen across the various social networks to see how your employer branding is perceived

The benefits of a great employer brand are: -

  • That your current employees will be proud to work for the company
  •  Potential candidates will understand and want to join your business
  • Your customers will understand what you do and what’s important to you
  • Any potential suppliers will know what you want and how to contact you

I remember a particularly great example of employer branding video from 2002 by the then world boxing champion Lennox Lewis, the effect of the video was not only to encourage recruitment but also to reduce the amount of police officers who were leaving the service, it was clear about the what the police did and it provided details on how to contact them.

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