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It is strange how some truths always hold water! Over the years it has become clear to me that having something interesting to say is the acid test for successful marketing campaigns – whether it be empathising with your audience, challenging them, or simply providing a proposition that is simply too good to resist.

It’s something that sounds easy, but in reality can be quite difficult. In larger organisations the volume of stakeholders can be a barrier to getting the content in the first place and then to getting it approved! In smaller organisations, it should be easier, but you have not necessarily got the immediate audience or brand credibility to make it fly.

Most successful businesses have expertise that should be tapped and presented to customers through marketing – it needs to be packaged in a way that is understandable and digestable though – quite often I see content that has been delivered straight into a campaign with little shaping and as a result it looks out of place and the audience has little chance of understanding it.

Also, it can look like it has been designed by committee – once it has been through all the approvals it gets watered down to the point of blandness.  The solution here is to have as few stages as possible with one person who has a veto and will challenge stakeholders successfully.

It can be the most rewarding part of the marketing process however. Having something to say that is valued by your audience is a satisfying position to be in – it provides a personal boost as well as delivering an audience. For traditional marketing it can uplift response or awareness by a couple of percentage points, but for digital campaigns it can mean that your audience grows exponentially – purely because it is easy for your audience to find and share it.

In a way it ensures survival of the best ideas or content, which is great. What I propose is that marketers use digital and particularly social media channels to quickly research test marketing content and propositions – it has an immediacy that delivers results more quickly.  Test your content online and if it works well expand it and translate it for offline.  Remember though that it will need reworking for different formats.

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