The After Effects

Animation, a cause for some concern amongst some people where as others embrace the challenge of getting those all important keyframes just right.

Personally for me I have relished the challenge. I’m now settling in to my third month at Volcanic and one very important job that I’ve been heading is a promotions video for our new tool Social Churn.

Having only a loose idea about animation I went into the project head on and now, a few weeks later I’m starting to see the light – in the form of a polished, professional looking video that wouldn’t look out of place on the youtube home page (possibly).

It begs the question, what is the value of a promo video?

Besides the obvious of increasing sales and inquiries, promotional videos can also raise the profile of your company. Consider how you reach your target audience. Increase your viewership by advertising your company and your company’s message in a clear, concise and meaningful way!

There’s also the viral aspect with our increasing need to share content through a variety of sites it’s a good way to spread your message amongst the right people.

In the coming weeks I’m going to continue fiddling with Adobe After Effects for work and for pleasure as I have found this is a great way to get comfortable with a new program, which at first would stump even the most technically savvy.

We’ll be rolling out the red carpet on the video in the coming weeks…


When I’m not twiddling keyframes I can be found in the kitchen. In the past week to celebrate the truimphant return of everyones favourite food crtics, Gregg Wallace and John Torrode to our screens I created a buttery biscuit base of a cheescake – complete with Gregg Wallace’s face printed on icing – if you would like the recipe then just send me an e-mail:

(2 foody posts in 2 days, expect the Volcanic cookbook soon…)