John’s First Blog – Ever

John’s first blog….. Having got to the ripe old age of 50 something and been in IT for over 30 years, I thought it was about time I wrote my first blog. So what has jolted me from my lethargy you ask? Well I recently joined Volcanic, a social and digital agency, and part of my role has to be … Continue reading

Recruitment Zombie Apps

I heard a great phrase the other day that describes some of the mobile apps that have been launched to the recruitment market – ‘ Zombie Apps’. These apps are launched at great expense but unfortunately no one is downloading or using, so despite the hard work involved in designing, commisioning or marketing the systems, the users are voting with … Continue reading

Viral Marketing – If you are low on self esteem …

The advert started with ‘If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 CDI… you have come to the wrong place.’ ……. ‘If however, you are low on self esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction.’ This is the amazing live auction of a Mercedes E320 Cdi on Ebay … Continue reading

Digital Disruption – A new meaning

I was with a senior executive from Gartner the other day and we were talking about the effect of Digital on a Business. Although I often have debates with Management Consultants most of the time they come across as being rather dull, un-inspiring and very opinionated, this particular individual however said something that caught my attention and made me think … Continue reading

How do you measure media circulation socially?

Volcanic were asked to help with a problem – How do you measure the effectiveness of media circulation when it”s promoted Socially rather than through the web. Traditional newspaper or magazine advertising use to depend on circulation figures combined with the particular target audience, in order to set it’s advertising rates. Even with the growth of the Internet, the principal … Continue reading

Infographic about the growth of Mobile

In our series of Infographics here’s some interesting facts that our Technical Director Rob found. Among most interesting is the fact that of all traffic in the UK 40% is via a mobile device whilst smartphone ownership in the UK is at 56% of all handsets.        

How to measure email campaigns effectively?

We’ve been to a number of trade shows in the last few months and it’s still interesting to see that the number of companies offering email marketing solutions has not diminished. This led us to consider whether email campaigns continue to be an effective method for acquiring or communicating with your existing or potential customers. Measuring results from your email … Continue reading

Interesting Infographic about Twitter

We see a lot of Infographics and statistics about Twitter so we decided to put our own together, we hope you find it useful.  

Why you should have a Mobile Strategy

A few years ago 2010 we visited Old Trafford and attended a seminar at TFMA Manchester and were lucky enough to hear from their guest speaker from Google who was explaining how mobiles would be the most important device for selling to your customers. At the time only about 2% of visitors to a website came from Mobile devices but … Continue reading

Is Radio Advertising Dead?

As an agency we are often asked about whether radio advertising is dead, our first reaction is yes but with caveats that there is still a place radio advertising if it fits with the advertising strategy. The problem is with the advent of Internet radio, Podcasts, Sirius Satellite radio and music services like Spotify, advertisements on the radio are becoming less and … Continue reading