How do you measure media circulation socially?

Volcanic were asked to help with a problem – How do you measure the effectiveness of media circulation when it”s promoted Socially rather than through the web. Traditional newspaper or magazine advertising use to depend on circulation figures combined with the particular target audience, in order to set it’s advertising rates. Even with the growth of the Internet, the principal … Continue reading

Interesting Infographic about Twitter

We see a lot of Infographics and statistics about Twitter so we decided to put our own together, we hope you find it useful.  

Get Your Profile In Order: Do You Know Who’s Watching?

Applying for a job online is becoming increasingly easier with the likes of Facebook/ LinkedIn integration but this has also given recruitment agencies the ability to check out the whole history of any given person in just a matter of minutes. It would seem those crazy nights out, cheeky status updates after a few shandy’s and even that spelling mistake … Continue reading

Social Media – Anyone Can Compete!

Some say that personality is more important than looks alone. Even if this is true, Jessica Ennis should have no reason to fret – for she has both! The Sheffield-born heptathlete has been often praised for a quality that not many ‘celebrities’ can boast of; normality. There isn’t much doubt that despite her various world-class sporting successes, she will remain … Continue reading

Social Media and Space

“I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!”. This, in case you haven’t been following was the first ‘post-landing’ tweet by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet. The rover touched down on the rocky, dusty surface at approximately 6:30am British Summertime on Monday morning (6th August) and was met by a swarm of interest … Continue reading

Facebook For Business: The Right Approach

What is Facebook worth? The company’s high profile IPO in May 2012 gave the social network a total value of $104bn, with an individual share price of $38. But what direction is it heading? And what are the right methods businesses can use it to appropriately engage with consumers? The chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, stated prior to … Continue reading

Why you should consider developing a social media policy for your employees

A recent research paper commissioned by ACAS and undertaken by the Institute of Employment Studies highlighted the difficulties some employers may have when setting standards for the use of social networks by their employees. Whilst the report advises employers to take a “common-sense stance” to regulating behaviour, what they seem to forget is the age old adage that common sense … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: ‘Civilians’ Vs Marketing Professionals

ROUND 1: DING, DING I personally like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of social, I suppose it’s a case of what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ but I’ve decided to take a step back and reflect on what the actual general public perceives social media ‘as’. Whilst I’m pre-occupied checking out the latest award … Continue reading

Social Media Explained With Cupcakes

Yesterday we ran a Social Media training course for one of the top Wedding Cake companies in the UK. For the vast amount of the UK population, Social Media is still viewed with a certain degree of scepticism and fear of the unknown. So, as a means of getting everyone on board and lowering this ‘fear factor’, I decided to … Continue reading

Helping your business to fail faster!

I was thinking about my business studies lessons at college the other day. I remember how they taught us always to create a business plan before even thinking of starting a company. A Business Plan as defined by Business Link contains the following: – An executive summary - this is an overview of the business you want to start. . A … Continue reading