Burning Joli OS .ISO Using Mac OSX Terminal > USB Drive

Joli OS is an awesome little find, a cloud based Operating System that is fully developed in HTML5 (the clever chaps). You can pop it on any old laptop or computer and make viruses, malware and spyware a thing of the past, there’s tonnes of free apps (google drive, angry birds +1000′s more), works well offline as as well as … Continue reading

RegEx eases import of dates to MySql from MS*SQL

I was recently delivered a data dump from a MS*SQL 2008 database which I needed to work with in MySql. Unless you’re very specific at the time of exporting the dump from MS*SQL, all of the date fields are presented as part of the SQL script in the form: CAST(0x9E130000 AS SmallDateTime) or CAST(0x9E13020100000000 AS DateTime) Both these formats work … Continue reading

Product Development in a New Era

Being one of the older members of the company I’m classed as a digital¬†immigrant (i.e. I was introduced into the digital world rather than grew up with it) rather than a digital native, however that said, I was the first person at my school to use a personal computer (1976), was in the first year of children to be allowed … Continue reading