Viral Marketing – If you are low on self esteem …

The advert started with ‘If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 CDI… you have come to the wrong place.’ ……. ‘If however, you are low on self esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction.’ This is the amazing live auction of a Mercedes E320 Cdi on Ebay … Continue reading

Infographic about the growth of Mobile

In our series of Infographics here’s some interesting facts that our Technical Director Rob found. Among most interesting is the fact that of all traffic in the UK 40% is via a mobile device whilst smartphone ownership in the UK is at 56% of all handsets.        

How to measure email campaigns effectively?

We’ve been to a number of trade shows in the last few months and it’s still interesting to see that the number of companies offering email marketing solutions has not diminished. This led us to consider whether email campaigns continue to be an effective method for acquiring or communicating with your existing or potential customers. Measuring results from your email … Continue reading

Facebook Infographics

this is the third article in our Infographics series covering Facebook. The research  make an interesting read for all businesses thinking of marketing or advertising on Facebook. If ever you need some help don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Why Branding is important

Volcanic were approached by a very well established estate agents based near our offices in Manchester and asked to help. Joules Estate Agents had been trading for over 40 years selling and letting property and whilst their reputation was solid, market conditions and a feeling that the brand was old fashioned led them to challenge us to produce a new … Continue reading

Burning Joli OS .ISO Using Mac OSX Terminal > USB Drive

Joli OS is an awesome little find, a cloud based Operating System that is fully developed in HTML5 (the clever chaps). You can pop it on any old laptop or computer and make viruses, malware and spyware a thing of the past, there’s tonnes of free apps (google drive, angry birds +1000′s more), works well offline as as well as … Continue reading

Facebook For Business: The Right Approach

What is Facebook worth? The company’s high profile IPO in May 2012 gave the social network a total value of $104bn, with an individual share price of $38. But what direction is it heading? And what are the right methods businesses can use it to appropriately engage with consumers? The chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, stated prior to … Continue reading

Why you should consider developing a social media policy for your employees

A recent research paper commissioned by ACAS and undertaken by the Institute of Employment Studies highlighted the difficulties some employers may have when setting standards for the use of social networks by their employees. Whilst the report advises employers to take a “common-sense stance” to regulating behaviour, what they seem to forget is the age old adage that common sense … Continue reading

Content Content Content

  It is strange how some truths always hold water! Over the years it has become clear to me that having something interesting to say is the acid test for successful marketing campaigns – whether it be empathising with your audience, challenging them, or simply providing a proposition that is simply too good to resist. It’s something that sounds easy, … Continue reading

Social media marketing needs you…and you…and you

A common question asked by many businesses is “how do I take advantage of the opportunities that social media marketing provides?”. Many people are either considering using social media, or have started to dabble by setting up accounts and having a go with varying degrees of success. But unfortunately there is no simple recipe that guarantees a positive outcome. It’s … Continue reading