Facebook Infographics

this is the third article in our Infographics series covering Facebook. The research  make an interesting read for all businesses thinking of marketing or advertising on Facebook. If ever you need some help don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Facebook For Business: The Right Approach

What is Facebook worth? The company’s high profile IPO in May 2012 gave the social network a total value of $104bn, with an individual share price of $38. But what direction is it heading? And what are the right methods businesses can use it to appropriately engage with consumers? The chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, stated prior to … Continue reading

Why you should consider developing a social media policy for your employees

A recent research paper commissioned by ACAS and undertaken by the Institute of Employment Studies highlighted the difficulties some employers may have when setting standards for the use of social networks by their employees. Whilst the report advises employers to take a “common-sense stance” to regulating behaviour, what they seem to forget is the age old adage that common sense … Continue reading

Helping your business to fail faster!

I was thinking about my business studies lessons at college the other day. I remember how they taught us always to create a business plan before even thinking of starting a company. A Business Plan as defined by Business Link contains the following: – An executive summary - this is an overview of the business you want to start. . A … Continue reading

Social networks for Billy-no-mates?

Neil might think he’s ‘one of the older’ members of the Volcanic team, but I’m it. I left school before computers were anything more commonplace than University research projects or ‘corporate infrastructure’ investments. When in the final year at school I told my careers advisor that I wanted to work with computers he scratched his head for a while and … Continue reading

If a tree falls …

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” One philosophical argument revolves around the distinction between our understanding of ‘sound’ (being the excitement in our ear in response to vibrations in the atmosphere) and of ‘noise’ (being a scientific measure of the vibrations regardless of whether or on … Continue reading

The times they are a-changin’ 3

If you checkout “on this day in history” you’ll see, among other things, that 5 years ago on 31 January 2007 Cars.com published a list of the 10 most memorable cars from TV shows. Top of the list was ‘K.I.T.T.’ the black Pontiac Trans-Am GTO from the 1980′s ‘Knight Rider’, followed by the red Dodge Charger named ‘General-Lee’ from ‘The … Continue reading

The Pope and Social Media Sanity

Apparently the Pope is concerned about the information ecosystem and the negative effect it is having on our lives (BBC Radio 4). The point he was trying to make was that a continual bombardment of information is having a detrimental effect on our well being. He’s got a point, it’s continual noise with TV, radio, newspapers (remember them?), mobiles, laptops, … Continue reading

Brave New World

The first Macintosh was introduced by Apple’s then-chairman Seve Jobs on 24 January 1984 in a huge splash of promotion and a massive media event. Apple has continued its habit of huge media splashes for product launches, but times have changed. Back then anyone in the market for a personal computer would get their information from magazines and brochures, or by asking … Continue reading

Stand upright in a cool place

That might be good advice from a caring parent to a son or daughter setting out to make their own place in the wide world, or from a promoter to a burgeoning rock star, or from a life coach to a shy and geeky client. It’s to be the title of the forthcoming album from re-formed 90s band Dodgy, which I … Continue reading