Building the impossible

I like quirky things, and the work of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher definitely counts as quirky. His sketches, drawings and woodcuts from around 50 or 60 years ago are still classic examples of how a person can imagine what is clearly beyond the realms of physical possibility. Escher’s ‘Waterfall’ illustrates a flow of water, visibly driven by gravity, where … Continue reading

The After Effects

Animation, a cause for some concern amongst some people where as others embrace the challenge of getting those all important keyframes just right. Personally for me I have relished the challenge. I’m now settling in to my third month at Volcanic and one very important job that I’ve been heading is a promotions video for our new tool Social Churn. … Continue reading

It’s all been condensed

In last weeks blog I stated that I would keep you posted with creative/marketing updates and developments in our Social Churn product… So, sitting at home on Sunday afternoon, whilst waiting for a can of condensed milk to boil for 3 hours so that I can make caramel shortbread with my girlfriend; my mind has subsequently began to wander back … Continue reading