Helping your business to fail faster!

I was thinking about my business studies lessons at college the other day. I remember how they taught us always to create a business plan before even thinking of starting a company. A Business Plan as defined by Business Link contains the following: – An executive summary - this is an overview of the business you want to start. . A … Continue reading

It’s all been condensed

In last weeks blog I stated that I would keep you posted with creative/marketing updates and developments in our Social Churn product… So, sitting at home on Sunday afternoon, whilst waiting for a can of condensed milk to boil for 3 hours so that I can make caramel shortbread with my girlfriend; my mind has subsequently began to wander back … Continue reading

Google’s New World

I was sat at home the other evening reading a news article about how Google docs had signed up one of the largest banks in Spain to use their software and this got me wondering about all the applications that Google have and are developing and then to consider what the future will hold. Volcanic uses Google docs to produce … Continue reading

We’re Having A Baby: The Countdown

It’s exciting times at Volcanic, as we are soon to have our first baby! After months of flicking through baby name books, we are pleased to announce that we have chosen the name… Social Churn. Like many proud parents Social Churn will be no ordinary baby, which puts a high amount of pressure on it’s due date (28th of February … Continue reading

2012 Business Tips from Volcanic

As we end 2011  with many news programme’s  gloomy about the future of business and profit warnings ringing out of our ears I want to share my thoughts about how we at Volcanic will be looking to help our clients in 2012 and what we will also be doing. As we spoke in detail with our customers during 2011 a set of … Continue reading

When glamour is a battle

You may think that’s overstating it perhaps, but let’s break it down. Although the Hollywood interpretation of “glamour” is taken to mean sparkle, glitz and sex appeal, generations ago its meaning was more ‘fantasy’ or ‘deceit’ – the pretence or illusion that something is more than it is – a definition which applies equally to the ancient and modern interpretations. … Continue reading

Three tips for a successful marketing campaign.

“Just stop for a moment and think about what you are trying to do…”. It’s quite a sensation to hear your own words said back to you; particularly when you think they are not being heard. This gentle reminder applies to all of us though, and oftentimes is more helpful than we think. After all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with planning … Continue reading

Should I stay or should I go now?

Being one of the older members of volcanic team, I often mention verses from great songs I’d heard as a teenager, much to the confusion of my colleagues which are often followed by insults from the younger members of the team. So the other day I was contemplating whether to launch one of our new products at the TFMA (Technology … Continue reading

Don’t let your business get stuck in the cold!

I’m not sure if you have been watching the TV series Frozen Planet? but it is yet again another David Attenborough classic, not quite as awesome as Human Planet but still pretty awesome and highly recommended! So as I settled down on my warm, comfy sofa last night with a mug of tea and a pack of Thai Sweet Chilli … Continue reading

Extreme Agile Prototyping

Everyday we are asked about the use of Agile methodologies in our work, usually by clients who have heard the phrase Agile and who understand it to mean better results for less money. There are lots of great articles and blogs about this subject so we’re not going to add to that mountain of information however we are going to … Continue reading