Social Media Explained With Cupcakes

Yesterday we ran a Social Media training course for one of the top Wedding Cake companies in the UK.

For the vast amount of the UK population, Social Media is still viewed with a certain degree of scepticism and fear of the unknown. So, as a means of getting everyone on board and lowering this ‘fear factor’, I decided to start my Social Media explanation using a very simple method, that I hoped would immediately appeal to my audience.

The method I used was to adapt a well known list called ‘Social Media Explained with Donuts’, which I adapted to have a bakers twist!

social media explained with cupcakes

Social Media Explained With Cupcakes
Facebook – ‘Like’ my Cupcakes
Twitter – I’m making a #Cupcake
Pinterest – Here’s a Cupcake recipe
Instagram – Here’s a vintage photo of my Cupcake
LinkedIn – My skills include Cupcake making
Foursquare – Thanks for visiting my Cupcakes, you are the Mayor of Cupcakes!
Youtube – Here’s my dog eating my Cupcake
Spotify – Listen to my favourite ‘Cupcake’ tunes of all time
Wordpress – My top 10 Cupcake Flavours
Google + – Share Cupcakes with Google employees

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