Making it Social!

Surrounded as I am by young enthusiastic team I’m amazed by the constant excitement about the discovery of new technology, website or a new app that seems to do something that they’ve never seen before and the way the technology rewards its users.

Web 1.0 was all about websites, visitors and products & services. Web 2.0/3.0 is all about Social – especially with the growth of Facebook, Twitter etc.

So what makes a website social as opposed to informative?

I’ll outline my thoughts…. Social websites let people share content (images, video or thoughts) and reward people for their effort – Followers/ Friends or scores. It all about competition the more people the greater the perceived influence we have, we even now have an app to measure how influential you are (Klout0 across various Social Networks.

So the difference between a web1.0 site (Tripadvisor) and web2.0 (Foursquare) is the fact that for the review you get points or rewarded and that the more points the higher up a league you go either with your friends or across the world.

Today building a website with content is no longer just about great content it’s also about building in competition and rewarding active users, provided you have a way of recognising who they are.


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Neil is the Managing Director of Volcanic a 'Innovation company' Volcanic have launched three products to the world market including the worlds first mobile recruitment platform.

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